Order Your Team Award MAGAZINE COVERS & this season will last forever


Thank you for your custom magazine cover order. I will use this information to contact you if I have questions about your order. I will also need this information to create the magazine cover for your occasion.

Please send me a high quality photo of the person for the cover, unless you are in the Puget Sound area and you want to make arrangements for my do take the photos. Usually good magazine pictures have the subject looking at the camera. They also have uncomplicated backgrounds.

If you need the photo taken, please contact me and I will make arrangements.

Thanks for your order!


Team Awards

Sports Team Awards, Custom Magazine Covers

Sports Magazine Covers

Team Awards that are meaningful

Order magazine covers as your sports team awards this season. When My kids get trophies they are so excited, but it doesn’t take long before the plastic, that is very convincing as gold to a child, is broken. I hate spending money on something that is going to end up in a box, or that I have to sneakily throw away.

Custom Magazine Covers make fun personalized art. These are great gifts for grandma, grandpa, teachers, kids and friends. Give this out at the end of the season for the best pizza party ever.

  • You should order one today because:
  • Magazine cover stars feel special (and kind of famous).
  • Pictures with titles are great memory keepers.
  • Article titles record hard work and moments.
  • Magazine date and issue numbers keep track of information to remember forever.

I have a gallery wall of magazine covers in my house, that shows off each of my 7 kids. When my son’s friend came over one day, he was shocked to see that some of the kids had been on magazine covers. I pointed out that they all had, and he thought it was so cool. My kids felt pretty great too.

Team Awards Magazine Covers include:

  • Title
  • High quality cover photo (your provide)
  • Personalized article titles
  • Date
  • Issue number
  • An optional barcode

The great thing about these is that they are 100% customizable. You get to share an inside joke, or sweet memory, or just point out that you noticed a a great catch. Also, you aren’t limited to just one magazine cover, this can be the thoughtful team rewards that you give every year. Just imagine a whole wall of accomplishments! They will remember the glory of this season every time they look at it.

Custom Art Magazine Gallery

Also consider magazine covers for other occasions:

  • Graduation/Senior photos
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Birthdays
  • Grandparent gift
  • Baptisms
  • Baby gifts
  • Retirement
  • Back to school
  • Teacher gifts
  • Custom wall art
  • Custom name art
  • Personalized art
  • Custom magazine cover
  • You are only limited by your imagination.

Your star will be so excited to show these off to their friends.

Additional information

Name of person to be on the cover

Who is your star?

What the cover is for

Baseball, football, baby shower, wedding gift, graduation gift etc

Issue number

I like to put the age of the person, or whichever season they are in.

Tell me about this rising star

Accomplishments, funny stories, friendships, talents, quotes, likes, dislikes, etc

Article Titles

If you have some ideas already for the title of your articles. If not, that's ok, I'll use some of the other information to create some.

Other requests

Anything else you want me to know

Do you want a barcode?

Yes or no


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